Crown Blower Motor & Accessories

Since 1963, Crown has been manufacturing quality replacement parts and supplies for Jeep models such as Cherokee and Wrangler. Trusted by many vehicle owners, the company is among the leading manufacturers of auto parts like blower motors. If you want to experience a comfortable ride for a long time, get a Crown blower motor for your Jeep vehicle.

What's a blower motor, you ask? A component of your car's internal climate control system, the blower motor helps the heating and air conditioning units carry out their function of controlling cabin temperature and humidity. It is the blower fan that controls airflow in your car's cabin, while the blower motor makes it run. Without the blower motor, the blower fans in various places inside your car cannot function.

The blower motor is one of the electric motor types in your automobile. It may be smaller than other electric motor types but it plays a huge role in ensuring a comfortable ride. Thus, it is important to keep the blower motor in tiptop shape. To do that, regular maintenance is required. But if your blower motor wears out, replacing it with a new one is the only solution. When looking for a replacement blower motor, you should make sure that you find the one that suits the specification of your blower fan. One of the best replacement blower motors offered in the market today is the Crown blower motor. It is made from durable materials and is made to last for a long time.

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