Crown Battery Hold Down & Accessories

Components such as the Crown battery hold down may not seem very significant. But without these parts, your automobile will not function very well. Have you ever wondered about what happens when the battery of your car is not properly secured? Surely, the battery could hit nearby engine components as it jiggles in the engine bay. To prevent any leaks or damaged components, modern vehicles are equipped with a battery hold down that securely fasten the battery in place.

Have you ever had trouble restarting the engine of your car after a rough drive? In some cases, the problem lies in the electrical connections. The shaking and impact could cause the disconnection of some electrical wires or maybe even a short circuit. Sometimes, the battery itself is defective. On the other, it is also possible for the internal components of the battery to become dislocated. The battery acid may leak and the battery lead-copper plates may become misaligned. You may end up replacing the battery or the other electrical components. The Crown battery hold down prevents all these problems from happening by ensuring that your battery is safely tucked in the engine bay.

There are actually two main types of battery hold down components that you can choose from. The first type is the frame-plate or bolt type. Meanwhile, the second type is the strap type. Depending on the configurations of your car's engine, there is a particular kind of battery hold down that can ideally be used. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the frame-plate or bolt type is that it provides greater security, but it can be quite difficult to remove or install. On the other hand, the second type is more convenient to install and remove, but it does not provide the same security. The strap type is also not very durable.

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