Crown Axle Nut Washer & Accessories

Basically, you will have three piece spindle nuts if your vehicle got half ton internal hubs. Setting the tension on the bearing is the inner nut while the washer slides down the slot on the spindle and the pin on the inner nut goes in a hole in lock washer, and the outer nut holds it all in place. You are lucky to have lock washer slide right down and the right nut goes right in a hole in the lock washer. A god trick if you have the three piece spindle nut is to try the lock washer. If it fails to line up, you have to flip it over and try the other side.

Note that when the lock washer is flipped over, the holes are line up a little bit different. Oftentimes this will do the trick and sometimes nothing seems to work. This is true especially when you are trying to repair a broken axle on the trail. A good spindle nut must get rid of this problem. With this you can perfectly set the load on the bearing with no worries while you try to align the pin. To engage the teeth in the ratcheting nut, you need to press in on the spindle socket. One superb aftermarket brand that offers quality products like the axle nut washer is Crown.

Aftermarket products are sure to perform better as they are crafted to surpass the ability of OEM parts and accessories. There's no wonder why many vehicle riders/owners choose them for customization. Aside from the lower cost, aftermarket products feature more dose of quality performance. Parts train is proud to offer you Crown products including the Crown axle nut washer. Our extensive online catalog will help you discover more of our Crown products so you better check us out.