Crown Axle Fork Kit & Accessories

Axle fork is not an exclusive component of bikes. In automobiles, axle forks refer to the independent shift component of the wheels. Each axle fork also serves as a suspension component, absorbing some vibrations during gear shifts. The axle fork is actually a Y-shape component with a hole on the tail part of the Y-shape structure. This hole serves as an attachment point and pivot. An axle fork secures the clutch mechanism of the independent gear shift of the wheels of a four-wheel drive vehicle. Typically, a four-wheel drive vehicle has an axle disconnect mechanism, which is also called shift actuator mechanism. The shift actuator mechanism is comprised of a clutch, differential gears and transmission shaft. This actuator facilitates the engagement or disengagement of the wheel to the driveshaft. An electric motor drives the shift actuator.

An axle fork kit such as the Crown axle fork kit is an aftermarket automotive product that can be purchased to replace the original axle fork. An axle fork kit is comprised of the Y-shape shift fork and related mounting hardware as well as padding. The axle fork acts as the control mechanism for the clutch. When the independent clutch is engaged, it secures the clutch in place. On the other hand, releasing the axle fork will also automatically release the clutch. Independent gear shift system is the consequence of having four wheels driving the vehicle. Four-wheel drive vehicles are more powerful compared to rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive vehicles, which have two wheels driving the vehicle.

Independent gear shift system works well when the vehicle is traversing unforgiving terrains. This system allows the automatic adjustment of output of individual wheels, which permits the wheels to be more responsive to the condition of the ground. The axle fork is an essential part of this system. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best brands of axle fork kits, including the Crown axle fork.