Crown Axle Disconnect Motor & Accessories

Axle disconnect is a mechanism commonly found in four-wheel drive vehicles. It allows the independent drive of the individual wheels. It is also incorporated in the transmission system of a four-wheel drive vehicle. It is comprised of a clutch, differential gears and transmission shaft. It allows the individual wheels to be disengaged from the main axle so that it can allow the other wheels to drive the vehicle. Disengaging the axle disconnect mechanisms is also useful when towing a vehicle. A vehicle with axle disconnect mechanism can easily be towed. The axle disconnect mechanism prevents damage on the gears of the driveshaft and the main transmission shaft itself. When the vehicle is not running, the differential gears of the driveshaft and the main transmission shaft tend to lock. The teeth of the gears might be damaged if they wheels are forced to rotate.

Axle disconnect motors such as the Crown axle disconnect motor is synonymous with shift actuator motor. Its main purpose is to facilitate the gear shift for four-wheel drive vehicles from high range gears, neutral gears to low range gears. Gear or transmission shift in modern four-wheel drive vehicles is somewhat more complicated compared to two-wheel drive vehicles. Since four-wheel drive vehicles have independent drive shafts, they must first be disengaged individually to facilitate the smooth transition of gears. A shift actuator motor facilitates the disengagement of the individual wheels from the drive shafts. The motor is electrically operated. It drives the clutch of an individual axle.

A disconnect axle motor or shift actuator motor is a rotary electric motor that is coaxially mounted with reference to the rear output shaft of the transfer case. It also includes a linear screw for translating the rotational movement of the motor to selective axial or arc movement of a range shift sleeve. To fully engage the clutch of the axles, the shift actuator motor must exert effort on the range shift sleeve. Parts Train offers high quality axle disconnect motors at very affordable price.