Crown Axle Disconnect Gasket & Accessories

Lubricants such as petroleum grease are essential in the efficient function of the automobile. Lubricants allow moving parts to smoothly slide or rotate with very minimal friction. Friction is the number one cause of component deterioration and breakdown. Fiction causes overheating, warping and locking of moving parts. Friction is the result of two surfaces rubbing each other. In the case of bearings, the surfaces that have direct contacts are the bearings and the races or housings that hold these bearings. To maintain the efficiency of the bearings, they must be constantly immersed in lubricants. Aside from reducing friction, lubricants also absorb some of the heat generated by the moving parts. Lubricants prevent damage by decreasing the abrasive actions of the moving parts.

An axle disconnect gasket such as the Crown axle disconnect gasket is a component of the axle bearing assembly that prevents the leak of the lubricants. Leaking lubricants reduces the performance of the bearings. When the bearings are rotating at fast speed, the grease lubricants may be thrown off due to centrifugal force. The disconnect gasket allows the lubricants to remain intact even when the bearings are rotating at a fast pace. This gasket also makes it possible for the lubricants to be intact even when the axle is disconnected to the wheels during repair. The axle disconnect gasket seals the bearing assembly and the lubricants.

Basically, as a gasket, the axle disconnect-gasket seals the axle bearing assembly. It protects the axle bearing assembly from contamination such as dirt and moisture. Contamination can lead to the early deterioration of the axle bearing assembly. Corrosion is a common result of moisture contamination of the axle bearing assembly. Moisture may come from water or mud puddle on the road. If you are looking for reliable axle-disconnect gaskets, Parts Train is one of the best online store to do your shopping.