Crown Axle Bearing Race & Accessories

There are different types of bearings designed for a variety of purposes. Different types of bearings include the ball bearings, the roller bearings, the ball thrust bearings, the roller thrust bearings, and the tapered roller thrust bearings. Although these different bearings have different designs and purpose, they have similar components and attributes that they share. The most common attribute of all bearings is that they allow smaller components to slide or rotate to minimize friction. On the other hand, the most common component that all bearings share is the hosing that holds the smaller bearing components. The bearing housing also contains the lubricant that allows the smooth movement of the bearing.

Ball bearings are the most common type of bearing used in automobiles and in other machineries. These bearings are versatile and simple enough to fit almost any type of machinery. Ball bearings can handle both radial and thrust loads. Radial loads refer to rotational loads while thrust load refer to vertical and horizontal loads. Radial loads include friction and speed of rotation. On the other hand, vertical and horizontal loads include the compressive force of the weight of the vehicle and the braking and acceleration load. Vibrations are also classified under the horizontal and vertical loads. However, ball bearings are commonly found in applications that have small loads.

An axle bearing race such as the Crown axle bearing race refers to the structure that holds the ball bearings. There are two types of bearing races, namely, the external race and the internal race. These bearing races are the cylindrical structural support that also serves as guide rails for the spherical ball bearings. In ball bearing designs, the load is transmitted from the outer race to the ball. In turn, the load is transmitted from the ball to the inner race. The inner and outer races act as separate pivots. Here at Parts Train, we offer durable aftermarket axle bearing races.