Crown Axle Bearing Master Kit & Accessories

Efficient automobile performance is not only about engine output in terms of torque, speed and power. Rather, it is also about reduction of friction. Even if the engine output is great, it can be significantly reduced when transmitted to the wheels because of friction. Friction can slow down the speed of the wheels. Friction can also interfere with the handling of the vehicle. Friction is significantly reduced by bearings and lubricants. The axle bearing master is of particular importance. It serves dual functions of reducing friction and carrying some of the suspension load of the wheels. The axle bearing master is comprised of several components that include the ball bearing, the studs, nuts, gears and washers.

Separate axle bearing masters are provided for each wheel. This allows more efficient reduction of friction. The rotational motion of the wheels becomes smooth because the ball bearings simultaneously rotate, thereby reducing mechanical drag by dividing it into several smaller bits. The mechanical drag is distributed among the small ball structures of the bearing. The ball structures rotate and slide inside a precisely constructed cylindrical housing that act as track for the ball structures. To further reduce friction and increase the efficacy of the ball structures, the axle bearing master is immersed in grease lubricant. The grease lubricant allows the ball structures to slide more smoothly against each other and against the interior surface of the housing. Some amount of heat is also absorbed by the grease lubricant.

Lubricants are essential in maintaining the integrity of the axle bearing master. If lubricants leaked, the efficiency of the bearings in handling friction will be significantly reduced. This will lead to the deterioration of the bearing. When the bearings become irreparable, they need to be replaced immediately. Aftermarket replacements such as Crown axle bearing master kit can be conveniently purchased online. Parts Train offers the best brands of aftermarket axle bearing master kits.