Crown Anti-Rattle Spring & Accessories

Anti-rattle springs can be found in vehicles using brake rotors. Anti-rattle springs are integrated in the mechanism of the brake caliper. An anti-rattle spring reduces the noise of the brake pads. It also prevents excessive vibrations that can damage the brake caliper. Although the anti-rattle spring is a torsion spring, it does not resemble a standard coil torsion spring. Rather, this spring is a chain of U-shaped folded strips that are integrated to the housing of the brake caliper. The brake caliper resembles a vice grip that has padding. This caliper is hydraulically operated. Two pistons press the caliper to exert grip on the rotating brake disc or rotor. By the way, brake disc and brake rotor are different names that refer to the same mechanism. Brake rotor is the British English name while brake disc is the American English name.

Brake pads are the friction components that have direct contact with the brake rotor. These pads have layers of metal and asbestos fibers that are highly resistant to extreme heat. In order for braking to be effective, the brake pads must be in full contact with the brake rotor. The brake caliper must be gripping hard on the brake pads to stop the rotation of the brake rotor. However, vibration and noise are generated in the brake pads when braking. Brake pad noise can be so irritating that it is almost intolerable. Hence, this noise must be muffled or reduced to tolerable level. The noise is reduced by the anti-rattle spring installed in the brake caliper housing.

A brake rotor system has advantages compared to brake drum system. A brake rotor system is simpler and more compact. It has fewer parts that require lesser maintenance. Brake rotors are typically installed in smaller vehicles. On the other hand brake rotors are used in conjunction with brake drums in bigger vehicles. Brake rotors are commonly installed in the front wheels of bigger vehicles. Parts Train offers high quality aftermarket anti-rattle springs such as the Crown anti-rattle spring.