Crown Air Filter & Accessories

There are two basic types of Crown air filter that you can purchase. The first type is the traditional paper filter while the second is the modern gauze filter. However, the second type is typically used in combination with the first. Generally speaking, the gauze type air filter is used in cold air intake systems. Unlike the traditional paper air filter, the gauze type allows greater airflow. Greater airflow also means greater volume of air. This translates to higher engine efficiency. If there is greater amount of air present in the combustion chambers, fuel can be burned more completely.

As an aftermarket brand, the Crown air filter is offered in both types. Depending on your needs, you may actually combine these two types of air filters. Both kinds have their respective advantages and disadvantages. As their name implies, however, these components are simply intended to filter out suspended air particulates such as dust, pollen, and moisture. If these particulates are allowed to contaminate the combustion chambers, they may cause damage to the engine's sensitive parts such as the pistons and valves. These contaminants may cause clogging and rusting.

Contamination dramatically increases the abrasiveness and friction between the moving engine parts. As a result, the engine inevitably overheats, and this leads to its eventual breakdown. At worst, overheating causes the rupturing of the gaskets. In such case, high-pressured gases escape and cause certain parts to fly-off as projectiles. In short, the engine may literally explode. However, there is no need to panic. This worst scenario seldom happens. In most cases, the engine simply ceases to function when the combustion chambers are saturated by dirty air.

Periodic maintenance and occasional replacement of the built-in air filter of your automobile are necessary to assure the efficiency of your car's engine. Crown air filter replacements can be purchased as sets that include canister and filtering elements. There is no need to search anywhere else if you need top quality aftermarket air filters or any auto parts and accessories for that matter. Among so many online shops, Parts Train offers the best value products you can get.