Crown Adjustable Clutch Rod & Accessories

As you press on the clutch pedal of your vehicle, the force of your leg muscle is indirectly transmitted to the clutch mechanism of the vehicle. Stepping on the clutch pedal automatically disengages the clutch form the flywheel of the engine, thereby stopping the transmission shaft from transmitting mechanical output to the wheels of the vehicle. A clutch pedal is connected to the clutch linkage via a clutch rod. Although the clutch rod does not offer mechanical advantage, it is a crucial structural link to the clutch mechanism. Together with the clutch pedal and a clutch cable or series of mechanical rods and arms, the clutch rod serves as control mechanism of the clutch. In a hydraulically operated clutch, the clutch rod is connected to the master cylinder.

Hydraulically operated clutches have the advantage of simplicity and lesser space requirement. Hence, they are becoming more popular to manufacturers who desire cost effectiveness in the manufacture of automobiles. By reducing the number of components and the space required, hydraulically operated clutches reduce the cost of production. The strength of the output can also be adjusted. The two basic components of a hydraulically operated clutch is a master cylinder and slave cylinder. The master cylinder has an oil reservoir. A piston pushes the oil inside the reservoir causing it to exert pressure on the slave cylinder. In turn, the pistons on the slave cylinder operated the clutch of the vehicle. The input force of the leg is amplified several times by the hydraulic mechanism.

An automobile clutch allows the transmission of engine output to be temporarily stooped without stopping the engine itself. A clutch is basically comprised of a friction plate, pressure plate, a diaphragm spring, clutch housing, release fork and bell housing. By stepping on the clutch pedal, the clutch is retracted or disengaged from the flywheel of the vehicle. This effectively stops the transmission of engine output to the wheels. Parts Train offers high quality aftermarket automotive parts and accessories such as Crown adjustable clutch rod at very affordable price.