Crown Accessory Belt Idler Pulley & Accessories

An automobile engine has different components that work together to function as a cohesive whole. However, these components are not always functioning simultaneously. There are instances where one set of components need to stop functioning without disrupting the rest of the system. The idler pulley is one mechanism that allows one component to temporarily stop without stopping the engine itself. The idler pulley is a movable pulley that engages or disengages the engine belt depending on the need. An idler pulley is typically connected to some mechanisms that need periodic rest such as radiator fan and water pumps. A Crown accessory belt idler pulley is an aftermarket component that can be purchased to replace the original idler pulley.

When the engine is running, the crankshaft is rotating. The rotation of the crankshaft is the translation of the linear motion of the pistons into circular motion. This is made possible by the fact that the crankshaft is not actually a continuous shaft. Rather, it is a jointed shaft. Each joint or crank pin act as pivot for the piston rod connected to a piston. The other end of the piston also pivots on the piston. The pistons move in reciprocating manner. This means that when a piston is up, the adjacent piston is down. Collectively, the reciprocating linear motion is translated to rotational or circular motion by the crankshaft.

As the main source of rotational motion, the rest of the engine components derive their motion from the crankshaft though pulleys and belts. Some engines, on the other hand, feature gears instead of pulleys and belts. The idler pulley is a mechanism that allows the transfer of rotational motion to more than one shaft. The idler pulley is a component that is also involve in the change of direction or transmission and clutching action. Parts Train offers a wide range of options on different automotive parts and accessories, including idler pulleys.