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ditioning hoses are not water channels. They serve as carriers of the cooling agent known as refrigerant. Generally speaking, Freon is used for this purpose, and like other types of refrigerants, Freon undergoes a cycle of physical changes—from its gaseous phase into its liquid form and vice versa. In this process, the refrigerant's temperature significantly drops and, thus, cools the air which is blown into your car cabin. To facilitate rapid phase changes, the Freon has to be alternately compressed and decompressed. Hence, the AC hose has to be highly resistant to temperature and pressure fluctuations.

In a typical air conditioning unit, there are several AC hoses. These conduits connect the different components of the cooling mechanism. Its major parts are the compressor, the condenser, and the radiator. The compressor is a special type of pump that densens the refrigerant until it changes into its liquid form. While it is typically powered by the engine's camshaft, there are types that are powered by special electric motors. Next to the compressor is the condenser. A Crown AC hose segment is recommended in securely connecting the compressor to the condenser. Another segment is needed to connect the condenser to the radiator and, finally, another to connect the radiator to the compressor, thereby completing the circuit.

When compressed refrigerant enters the condenser coil, it takes away the heat from the immediate vicinity of the condenser coil. This heat is, then, dissipated via the AC radiator coil. Hence, to some extent, the air conditioning unit is actually a type of heat pump. It takes away the heat from the automobile cabin and radiates this heat to the external environment. In this manner, the temperature of your automobile's cabin is maintained at a comfortable level.

Naturally, your air conditioning unit just can't function without the AC hose. This simple tubing facilitates the circulation of the refrigerant which is indispensable to cooling. Although metal pipes may be used as alternative, the hoses are still better in terms of flexibility and durability. Here at Parts Train, you can find the best AC hose brands such as the Crown AC hose.