Crown AC Compressor & Accessories

When the built-in compressor of your automobile gets defective, replacing it with the Crown AC compressor may prove to be a wise decision. Although it is best to purchase the replacement parts with the same brand as your car's stock components, equally effective aftermarket brands could also fit your vehicle. After all, problems related to component compatibility can actually be resolved. There's no law that says you should purchase specific auto parts with specific trademarks. In most cases, aftermarket brands suffice as replacements and don't really affect the performance of your car negatively.

Arguably, the AC compressor is the most important component of every car's air conditioning unit. As implied by the name, its main purpose is to compress the refrigerant. It is, basically, a special type of pump that powers the circulation of the AC's cooling agent. More than pumping the fluid, however, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to the point that it changes from its gaseous form into its liquid form. As it undergoes phase change, the temperature also changes, and it happens radically.

Typically, Freon is used as refrigerant because it exhibits the molecular characteristic known as Vander Wall critical state. The molecules of substances that exhibit this characteristic are generally more densely packed compared to typical gases. However, they are still not dense enough to take a liquid form. Only when enough pressure is applied does Freon readily change from its gaseous from into its liquid from. Conversely, when pressure is minimized, Freon also rapidly reverts into its gaseous form.

The Crown AC compressor assures that this cycle of refrigerant phase changes is sustained. In this manner, the temperature inside the automobile cabin is kept at a comfortable level. To some extent, the AC compressor is also a type of heat pump. When the compressed refrigerant enters the condenser coil, it takes away heat; this heat is then dissipated through the radiator coil as the refrigerant exits the condenser coil. If you need reliable aftermarket replacement compressors such as the Crown AC compressor, visit Parts Train today. We guarantee to provide you with top quality products at affordable prices.