Crown AC Blower Motor & Accessories

If the compressor facilitates the circulation and phase changes of the refrigerant, the Crown AC blower motor manages the circulation of air inside the automobile cabin. Although the motor does not directly drive the airflow inside the automobile cabin, the blower fan is not be able to function without the motor. Generally, each blower fan has a corresponding motor. Depending on the configurations of your car's internal climate control system, the AC blower motor may be the most numerous type of electric motor in it. Other types include the radiator motor, the window motor, and the compressor motor.

Although there are other types of electric motors found in an automobile, the Crown AC blower motor is not that different. The different types of electric motors only vary in purpose. Structurally and functionally speaking, they are the same. An AC blower motor, for instance, may be comparably smaller than other types but, like the rest, is also comprised of a rotor and a set of permanent magnets. The rotor is assembled out of magnetic wires wound around a multi-layered iron core and is loosely connected to the power source via the brushes.

When electricity flows through the magnetic wires, electromagnetism is induced. The electromagnet counteracts the permanent magnets. At the same time, the polarity of electricity that flows through the magnetic wires reverses as the rotor turns. The rotation of the rotor is sustained in this manner. This process works not only in AC blower motors but also in all other types of electric motors in your automobile.

As clearly indicated by the name, the blower motors are specifically intended for the air conditioning unit of your automobile. They are directly connected to the blower fan blades. Unlike other types of motors, their power source and functional components have no mechanical intermediaries. No transmission belts or actuators are installed between the fan blower motor and the fan blades. Hence, when you purchase a Crown AC blower motor replacement, it should come complete with the fan blades attached to it. If you want hassle-free shopping, Parts Train is arguably the online store for aftermarket parts to visit.