Crane Valve Springs & Accessories

There are three main types of valves found in an engine. The valves close and open at a particular rate and in coordination with the other components of the engine. Precise timing is crucial in maintaining optimal performance of the engine. The first type of valve is the intake valve. The intake valve regulates the flow of air into the combustion chambers. The intake valves open during intake stroke. A partial vacuum in the combustion chambers is created. As the intake valve opens, air is drawn in. Air combines with the fuel mist inside the chamber and is compressed by the piston. The second type of valve in an engine is the fuel injection valve. The fuel injection valve simultaneously opens with the intake valve during intake stroke. Fuel is injected in the form of a mist to maximize the surface area of the fuel, thereby assuring complete combustion.

After compressing the fuel/air mixture, it is ignited by the sparkplug. Ignition produces extreme thermal heat and fast buildup in pressure inside the combustion chamber. This is otherwise known as power stroke. It is the main stage of the four-stroke cycle or Otto cycle that all gasoline engines undergo. After the power stroke, inert exhaust gases are formed. These gases are mostly carbon dioxide, water vapor and trace particulates. Sometimes, if combustion is incomplete, pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and trace hydrocarbons are formed. The third type of valve, regulate the exit of the exhaust gases from the combustion chambers.

All of the engine valves have valve springs. Valve springs like the Crane valve springs assure that the valves are perfectly secured. These valve springs assure that the valves will return to their normal positions. The valve springs act as counter resistance for the cam followers that operate the valves. The cam followers allow the precise timing of the valves. However, the valves will not be able to balance the force of the cam followers if there are no valve springs. Parts Train offers high quality aftermarket valve springs for any types of vehicle or engine configuration.