Crane Throttle Body Spacer & Accessories

The engine throttle is the one responsible for controlling the amount and speed of air that enters the combustion chambers. It has a valve that controls the flow of air. A jet hole in it creates a partial vacuum that sucks air. When the throttle valve is fully opened, the engine is said to be in full throttle. A full throttle allows the optimal flow of air into the combustion chambers. This is coupled with proportionally greater amount of fuel injection. Consequently, the engine produces more output because of the greater rate of combustions. However, opening the valve at full throttle does not guarantee efficient combustion. Sometimes the fuel mist becomes too heavy that the fuel is not completely burned.

To solve this problem, the throttle body spacer was developed. Throttle body spacers like the Crane throttle body spacer is an accessory that increases the efficiency and intensity of fuel combustion. A throttle body spacer allows the air flowing in to pass through a short tube with grooves and ridges. The grooves and ridges disrupt the flow of air current. Air current tumbles and form miniature vortexes. When the miniature vortexes enter the combustion chambers, they encounter the fuel mist. The swirling vortexes further atomize the fuel droplets in the mist. Consequently, the surface area of the fuel mist is increased.

Fuel and air becomes a more homogenous mixture when compressed. When ignited, the fuel/air mixture produces higher amount of thermal energy owing to greater efficiency in combustion. The throttle body spacer is a simple yet effective device that increases the efficiency of fuel combustion. It is a cube-like device, typically constructed out of aluminum. It has a circular or cylindrical hole precisely machined on the center. If you intend to increase the fuel efficiency of your engine without overhauling the engine, simply add a throttle body spacer. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best aftermarket throttle body spacers at competitive price.