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An automobile is actually a mechanical and electrical contraption. Although the mechanical components are the ones responsible for delivering output, these components will not function without the electrical components. Generally speaking, electrical components refer to all automotive components that produce, store, and utilize electrical energy for a variety of purposes. However, when it comes to the main function of the automobile as a transportation machine, the ignition components are the most important electrical components. Other electrical components such as the radio, the onboard computer, automobile lights and sensors are only secondary in terms of importance. An automobile cannot start combustion or sustain combustion without the ignition system. When speaking about automobile ignition, there are many components that are included.

Hence, aftermarket ignition components such as Crane ignition components may refer to several components. The central component of the ignition system is the sparkplug. A sparkplug is comprised of a conductor coated by ceramic insulator. The conductor has a separate ark and electrical discharge point. The discharge point and arc are separated by a very narrow gap. High voltage electrical current jumps between this gap and creates spark. The tip of the sparkplug is embedded in the engine combustion cylinder head. It is the spark produced by the sparkplug that initiates ignition or fuel combustion. On the other hand, the successive sparks sustain combustion.

Extreme heat is generated by the high voltage sparks. However, the ceramic coat of the sparkplug prevents heat from melting the sparkplug assembly. High voltage electricity is conducted to the sparkplugs via ignition wires. These wires have multiple layers of insulation to prevent radio frequency interference and short circuit. The ignition coil, a step up transformer, amplifies the electrical output of the batteries several times to be utilized by the sparkplugs. Other components of the ignition system include the alternator, an electric generator; the starter motor, an electric motor that initiates the crankshaft; and the ignition lock, which provides security to the ignition system. Here at Parts Train, we offer aftermarket ignition components for all types of vehicle.