Crane Camshaft & Accessories

Aftermarket replacement camshafts like the Crane camshaft are as dependable as the original components. They can last as long as the original camshaft or even longer, depending on the circumstances. Mechanical stress, friction, overheating and corrosion all play important roles in the deterioration of the camshaft. A camshaft is a standard component of an engine. Typically, there are at least two camshafts in an engine. A camshaft transmits engine output from the crankshaft. Engine output, particularly speed, is transmitted to the camshaft at half the rotational rate of the crankshaft. This is necessary to ensure that proper engine timing can be maintained. Timing is very crucial in the overall operation of the engine. Without proper timing, the different components of the engine will work against each other than working together.

Sparkplug firing determines the sequence of combustion. The opening and closing of the intake valves and exhaust valves must proceed in correct fashion to ensure the efficiency of fuel combustion. The camshafts drive the valves, the distributor, radiator fan and other subcomponents of the engine. Most of these components require coordination with other components to contribute to the overall performance of the engine. For instance, the distributor is a special electrical switch that is driven by the camshaft. This switch determines the sequence and timing of the distribution of electricity to the sparkplugs. The distribution sequence and timing is coordinated with the opening and closing of the valves.

Exhaust valves must be opened juts after ignition stroke or power stroke to release the exhaust gases generated from the combustion of fuel. It is only after exhaust stroke that the engine can start again the cycle of combustion. The intake valves and fuel injection valves open to draw in air and fuel to be compressed. However, the sparkplugs must not release electrical sparks before optimal compression. Precise combustion cycle is coordinated by the camshaft. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best aftermarket camshaft brands at very affordable price.