Crane Cam Followers & Accessories

Automobile engines operate by translating, manipulating and transmitting motion. Most of the operations of an automobile engine are results of indirect manipulation of power and force. Certain mechanisms must move in certain way to achieve particular result. For instance, the cam followers trace the surface of the cam to produce linear motion (usually up and down) at particular timing. The motion that cam followers produce cannot be ordinarily produced by direct rotation or lever pivoting. The motion and perfect timing of the engine valves are made possible by the cam followers. Crane cam followers are aftermarket automotive components that can be purchased to replace the original cam followers of an engine.

There are at least two camshafts found in an engine. The camshafts derive their power from the crankshaft. They typically rotate at a rate that is half the speed of the crankshaft. This is necessary to achieve perfect timing. Timing is very crucial in the efficient operation of the engine. Timing is crucial in coordinating the various components of the engine. Timing allows the different components to work in harmony. Each component enhances the overall performance of the engine. Timing is particularly important in the opening and closing of the engine valves. The camshaft regulates the opening and closing of the engine valves.

Camshaft followers allow the valves to operate in harmony. Camshaft timing is achieved through the special contours of the camshaft mechanisms. Special surface shapes are precisely machined on the camshaft mechanisms. The camshafts are not ordinary tubular or cylindrical shafts. Rather, peculiarly shaped cog are attached on the shafts. Typically, the shape of the cogs resembles pears and avocado cross sections. The surfaces of these cogs are traced by the cam followers to transmit motion to the valves and other mechanism. Parts Train offers high quality cam followers at very affordable price.