Coverking Hood Protector & Accessories

Using a hood protector can do wonders in preserving the original finish of your vehicle's hood. Together with the grille, the headlights, and the other automotive parts located at the front of a vehicle, the hood always runs the risk of being damaged whenever your car is driven. This is true whether you drive at night or during the day, whether you are in the highways or in back country roads. Every time you drive your car, dings and scratches are always a threat. However, this can be minimized or totally avoided with the Coverking hood protector.

Coverking takes the manufacture of custom automotive accessories to the next level. In the production of its popular dash covers, custom floor mats, car covers, seat covers, and sunshields, it has always been a step ahead of the competition. This is very evident in the quality of the highly reliable Coverking hood protector. As it is custom fitted, it perfectly fits over the contours of the vehicle's front end. Aside from protecting the hood, it also keeps road debris and bugs away from your auto windshield. It is micro-perforated, allowing the heat from the engine to seep through and making the cool outside air seep in. The Coverking hood protector is made from vinyl and has a soft felt backing. It is resistant to sun damage because of its UV inhibitors.

You have the option to get a Coverking hood protector that covers just the hood or one that fits all over the front end, with slots to accommodate the other parts. There is a difference in the cost, but the benefits are worth it. Once you have the Coverking hood protector, you can attach it to your vehicle within an hour, even minutes. The installation process is easy without the need for any special tool or equipment.

A new hood or paint job costs way too much, so you have to give your vehicle as much protection as possible. Availing of the Coverking hood protector is a smart move. If you browse through Parts Train, you can easily find it and place your order right from the comforts of your home.