Coverking Car Parts & Accessories

Upon its entry in the automotive industry, Coverking immediately set out to change the status of the car cover industry. Through the implementation of advance aerospace technologies, Coverking has revolutionized the way covers are made as it turns the industry upside down. From the dark days of cut-and-sew engineering, Coverking introduced the modern way of producing car covers that are of precise fit and higher quality.

Coverking has integrated sophisticated technology, high quality and better service to its product line. And it is the first car cover company that made use of the advanced CAD/CAM system, which is the new standard set for all manufacturers. It has a full line of indoor and outdoor car covers manufactured with the maximum protection of your vehicle's look in mind. The Coverking car cover is specially designed to shield your ride from the sun, rain, bird droppings, minor nicks, scratches and even small hail damages. The protection it brings can also save the interior moldings of your vehicle from fading. Coverking is as well producing covers for your seats, headrests, armrests, map pockets as well as console covers for split bench. And it has also made provisions for airbags.

With quality in mind, Coverking takes great care in the design of its car covers. No wonder why it is known for manufacturing high-quality covers that fit well and can stand years of use. Basically, Coverking car covers come as universal fit or custom-molded for various vehicle makes and models. The custom ones are available in several choices. There's the Silverguard series for those budget-conscious owners. Another is the tough and rugged Coverking Storm-proof series car covers. And you can also find the soft Satin Stretch line products that are especially designed only for indoor use.

Coverking is not only designed for protection against damage or covering up existing damages, it renders a more colorful and fashionable design for the interior of your vehicle. The custom Coverking seat cover for instance, can perfectly fit into the seats, maximizing features from reclining to folding and removal. So when you get to choose a car cover for your luxurious vehicle, go with Coverking, the leader in auto cover design. And for a hassle-free ordering process, choose Parts Train as your source. Parts Train is the industry's most trusted and reliable automotive online store that offers a huge selection of Coverking car covers for your interior and exterior's ultra refreshing look.