Covercraft Tonneau Cover & Accessories

For more than four decades, Covercraft has been making quality aftermarket automotive accessories, specializing in all sorts of vehicle covers, and the Covercraft tonneau cover exemplifies the Covercraft care and innovation in manufacturing. There are a few types of Covercraft tonneau cover, and these are available for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. The basic style, the hook and loop type of Covercraft tonneau cover, is a quite affordable option. It features a cover that is made of polyester, coated with a strong and resilient layer of vinyl, an aluminum mounting point, which is installed at the front of the truck bed, making it easy to roll the Covercraft tonneau cover up, and easy to install, adhesive hook strips for the edges of the bed. This version of the Covercraft tonneau cover is available in gray, black and tan, when the custom fit version is chosen and black only when the ready fit is chosen. Another Covercraft tonneau cover type uses an aluminum frame that takes less than an hour to install, using a unique - unique enough to be patented - style of fastening that looks as good as it is easy to use. This model comes with a lifetime warranty. There is also an easy to install, low profile version of the Covercraft tonneau cover, which requires no tools or adhesives for the installation process. The cover is made of a special blend of polyester and fiberglass, which is coated with vinyl, sure to stand up to the elements for years to come. Our online catalog features a great Covercraft tonneau cover selection, and ordering is always safe and easy, whether you choose to order online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.