Covercraft Sun Shield & Accessories

Suppose you left your car parked under direct sunlight for a couple of hours. There's nothing wrong with that. But once you get back in, you feel like you've stepped in a sauna. Even turning on the air conditioner won't be fast enough to dissipate the heat. Discomfort is an understatement of what it might have felt at the time. If just the act of sitting is annoying, imagine driving the car in that condition. To avoid being in this situation, try getting a sun shield for your car. Here at Parts Train, we offer you the Covercraft sun shield.

Sun shields are panels placed inside the vehicle before the windshield. They cover the interior of the vehicle from the heat of the sun. Sun shields are used when parking your vehicle during daytime and leaving it for a long period. This keeps the temperature inside the vehicle down so that once you get back, the inside won't be uncomfortably hot. Another benefit of sun shields is that they protect the cover and finish of your interior from the harsh effects of sunlight. Besides providing you a comfortable ride, these panels maintain the fine finish of your seats and dashboard.

Although sun shields all do the same job, some do it better than others. A good example is the Covercraft sun shield. The Covercraft sun shield has a polyester laminate finish that reflects up to 97 percent of sunlight. This means the finish of your interiors are well-protected from the damaging effects of sunlight. Additionally, the Covercraft sun shield is constructed with an insulating foam that absorbs heat before it reaches the vehicle's interior. This prevents the temperature of your car's interior from heating up, avoiding the situation mentioned above. Covercraft sun shields are also compatible with most car windshields so fit should not be a problem.

Combining Covercraft's more than 40 years of experience and its advanced features, the Covercraft sun shield is the best sun shield for your car. These parts are available here at Parts Train. Order now online or speak with one of our customer service representatives to place your order.