Covercraft Pet Pad & Accessories

Taking pets for a ride can be problematic for your car's seats and interiors. They can scratch and chew off the finish of your seats. Pets also shed fur and may leave their stink on the seats. The worst case is if your pet pees on your seats or floor. Cleaning up is definitely a pain in the neck. This somehow takes away the fun you have while driving around with your pet. But there's a way for you to enjoy your pet's company while driving without the bothersome clean-up afterwards. The solution we offer is the Covercraft pet pad.

The Covercraft pet pad is made from durable nylon material. This makes the pet pad resistant to scratches and bites of your pets, thus protecting your vehicle's seats and interior from being damaged. The Covercraft pet pad is also water-resistant. This saves your seats from being stained. The water-proof design also ensures easy clean-up of the pet pad. You can rinse it off with a hose, or wipe the surface with a paper towel and you're all done. With the Covercraft pet pad, you have your seats and interiors protected and cleaning up cannot be simpler.

Another amazing feature of the Covercraft pet pad is that besides caring for your vehicle's interior, it cares for your pet's comfort. Its quilted design gives a comfortable and cozy ride for your pet. The pet pad also has a soft foam under the nylon exterior that guarantees a leisurely trip.

Get this pet pad here at Parts Train. These pet pads have two types: one for the seats and one for the cargo area. Whatever vehicle you may have, there is a Covercraft pet pad that is just right for you. This pet pad also comes in different colors to suit different tastes and preferences. To order online, indicate the year and model of your vehicle to check out our line of Covercraft pet pads. You can also call our toll-free number and ask one of our customer service representatives to process the order for you. Get your Covercraft pet pad now to have a hassle-free ride with your beloved pet.