Covercraft Hood Protector & Accessories

Since the hood is mounted in front of the vehicle, it is exposed to a number of damaging elements. Furthermore, how the hood looks greatly affects the appearance of the entire vehicle. Damage on the hood greatly reduces the appeal and style of a vehicle. Likewise, an ugly hood makes your car look ugly. This is why you need to protect it with a Covercraft hood protector. The Covercraft hood protector keeps your hood looking good and pleasing to the eye.

The Covercraft hood protector protects your hood from scratches, dings, and chips. This part is installed on the front edges of the hood, since these are the areas that get damaged commonly. Made from vinyl, the Covercraft hood protector serves as a protective blanket over the front edge of the hood. This accessory serves both as a bug shield and a protective bra. The bra portion protects the front section of the hood against rock and road debris that are encountered during driving. With the Covercraft hood protector, your hood can maintain its glossy and flawless finish.

The Covercraft hood protector installation can be done in minutes. It can also be removed easily whenever desired. Its vinyl covering also has a micro-perforated construction. This allows for quick drying in case it gets wet. This feature also lets you see through the hood protector, making it easy for you to see whether the back of hood protector needs cleaning. Another useful feature of the hood protector is that besides the protection it offers, it enhances the vehicle's appeal and appearance. The Covercraft hood protector also gives your vehicle a more gorgeous and bolder look.

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