Covercraft Cargo Keeper & Accessories

One problem with loading things into your trunk or cargo bay is that they can get all disarranged during the trip. Especially when you load fragile items or things that can easily spill, it would be nice to have something that can hold these items in place. Besides securing your cargo, it is also pleasant to see your things organized. We recommend the Covercraft cargo keeper to effectively solve these cargo concerns.

The Covercraft cargo keeper is an accessory that you place in the trunk or at the cargo bay of your car. The cargo keeper contains several compartments where you can place your things. These compartments are adjustable to adapt to the size of a particular item. You can think of the cargo keeper as a box with adjustable compartments that keep the cargo in place, avoiding spills and damage. Additionally, these compartments make your things look more presentable and easier to find.

The Covecraft cargo keeper offers several advantages. First, it is portable and easy to use. You just unfold it and place it on top of your trunk to start placing your things. Once you are done, just fold it again and store it in your trunk or even under the seats. It also fits in all trunk and cargo bay sizes. The bottom of the cargo keeper is also designed to have a firm grip on carpet and vinyl surfaces to prevent slipping. The outer walls are made of woven polyester, giving it the toughness needed to protect your cargo. The inside walls are made of soft materials that provide cushion. This prevents fragile items from being damaged during travel. All these features combined make the Covercraft cargo keeper an excellent cargo management solution.

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