Corteco Car Parts & Accessories

There are vehicle owners who think that their ride must always be kept "as is." While most vehicles are made for modification, some people really want their ride to look and perform the way it does when they drove it out of the dealer's garage or showroom. If you are one of these drivers and you are in need of OEM parts for your precious auto investment, Corteco is the brand to trust. This is the sales division of the Freudenberg Group specializing in sealing, vibration control, and service parts for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket in Europe.

Aside from manufacturing spare parts for automotive sealing and vibration control, it also offers an array of service parts like cabin air filters. In fact, automotive products from Freudenberg are already known across the globe as Original Equipment parts in the OEM market. With this, vehicle owners now have a way to take full advantage of spare parts in original quality. Since Corteco is an IAM specialist of the Freudenberg Group, it is provided with access to the company's development expertise and global manufacturing locations.

Corteco's history dates back more than 70 years. It was in 1932 when this brand was first registered in Italy as a product trademark for radial shaft seals. In 1996, its mother company, Freudenberg, decided to open an aftermarket business under the Corteco brand name in Europe. Today, it is now one of the leading worldwide suppliers offering more than 18,000 products and service kits to auto parts suppliers and independent garages. The brand's wide range of products include radial shaft seals and valve stem seals, integrated radial shaft seals, combi seals, and cassette seals. Corteco also offers vibration control technology such as engine mounts, gaskets and engine kits, harmonic balancer, power train and transmission mounts, cabin air filters, and brake hoses.

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