Corsa Y Pipe & Accessories

Should you want to enhance the performance of your car's dual manifold exhaust system, one suggestion is getting a Y pipe for your car. Y pipes collect exhaust gases from both headers and converge them into a larger single pipe. This type of construction aids in smooth exhaust flow, which results in more power for your engine. Additionally, when the gases from the two headers meet in the middle pipe, it creates a vacuum that sucks remaining exhaust gas from the combustion chamber. This ensures the steady entry and exit of gases, which is important for a smooth and efficient combustion. Y pipes also contribute to noise reduction, giving you a quieter ride. For best performance and durability, we offer the Corsa Y pipe as your Y pipe of choice.

Corsa is ahead of other performance exhaust system manufacturers in terms of construction and manufacturing method. Corsa claims to be the only company that employs hydroforming in casting its exhaust components. Hydroforming uses extreme fluid pressure in molding and creating metallic materials. The advantages of hydroforming are stronger and lighter materials, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy of results from the original design. Hydroforming gives Corsa engineers the ability to design and create the best exhaust system for improved vehicle performance. Corsa Y pipes are created from stainless steel, giving these parts durability. Hydroforming and stainless steel give Corsa the edge with regard to quality exhaust systems.

Another mark of distinction for Corsa is its Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, or RSC. RSC lessens loud engine noise by manipulating sound waves to cancel each other. A notable feature of RSC is that it is designed to distinguish between desirable and undesirable sound frequencies. In practical application, what you'll hear is not the explosion of the internal combustion process, but the sound of a well-tuned, revving sports car.

Combining improved car performance and impressive engine sound, the Corsa Y pipe is ideal for your dual manifold vehicle. Get these parts here at Parts Train. Call us or better yet, order now online. Just enter your vehicle year and model to find the Corsa Y pipe made for your car.