Corsa X Pipe & Accessories

If your car has a dual exhaust manifold, getting an X pipe can greatly improve your vehicle's power. The X pipe or crossover pipe increases engine efficiency by the way that it resolves the issue of backpressure. The X pipe balances the pressure between the two exhaust manifolds, which allows for smoother and faster exhaust flow. Another feature of the X pipe is that as exhaust passes through the pipe at different intervals, the X pipe creates a vacuum. This vacuum helps pull out the gases from the combustion chamber, resulting in faster movement of the exhaust. This scavenging effect leads to better engine performance and power. Additionally, X pipes reduce engine noise. If you're looking for the best X pipe for your vehicle, we recommend the Corsa X pipe.

The Corsa X pipe is crafted from stainless steel and specifically designed to improve the flow of exhaust gas. Its stainless steel construction makes it an ideal X pipe material as it is corrosion and heat resistant. Stainless steel is also tough enough to handle the tremendous speed and pressure of exhaust gases as they travel through the pipe. Corsa X pipes are also mandrel-bent. This ensures that the pipe diameter remains constant through bends. This lessens air restriction, resulting in smoother airflow. Moreover, Corsa distinguishes itself from the rest with its Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, or RSC. RSC not only lessens engine noise but also tunes the sound so that what you will hear is the sound of a well-running engine. The RSC technology is integrated in all Corsa X pipes.

Installation of the Corsa X pipe is relatively easy. With its bolt-in design, complicated welding is no longer needed. The Corsa X pipe also comes with an installation manual for quick reference. And if more assistance is needed, you can always call their toll-free tech support line.

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