Corsa Exhaust System & Accessories

When talking of vehicle upgrades, what comes to mind is increased power and comfort. You want to have a car that runs faster and smoother. One way you can achieve this is by upgrading your exhaust system. What does the exhaust system has to do with performance and comfort, you might ask. It's a common belief that the exhaust system is just a bunch of pipes where the exhaust passes through. True, the exhaust system would have been negligible if not for noise and backpressure. Your engine makes a lot of noise, and the exhaust system tones it down at a tolerable level. As for backpressure, it occurs when exhaust gases don't leave the exhaust pipes quick enough before the next batch of exhaust gas comes in. The resulting bottleneck in the pipes makes the engine work harder, resulting to loss of power. Now, don't you want a car that sounds like a well-tuned, revving race car? Don't you want to eliminate backpressure and give your engine more power? If you do, we have the Corsa exhaust system that can do just that for you.

The Corsa exhaust system tones down the noise of the engine through its Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, or RSC. Through its muffler design, RSC manipulates sound waves to cancel each other. The distinguishing feature of this design is that it only allows the "good" sounds of the engine to be heard. This results in a mean sound of a powerful engine, and not the loud sound of the combustion process.

Regarding backpressure, the Corsa exhaust system addresses this problem through hydroforming and mandrel bending. Hydroforming is a method that uses high fluid pressure in shaping metals. This method allows engineers to create the desired shape and design that can't be normally done through other methods. This gives Corsa engineers the power to craft the right shape to allow optimum exhaust flow. Mandrel bending, on the other hand, is a form of bending that maintains a tube's diameter through the bending process. This removes possible restrictions in the pipe, thus contributing to efficient air flow. Hydroforming and mandrel bending make a great combination in eliminating backpressure.

We've provided the reasons: all we need now is your decision. Get the Corsa exhaust system here at Parts Train. Order now online or call our toll-free number. Get rid of backpressure and have a mean-sounding car with the Corsa exhaust system.