Corsa Down Pipe & Accessories

Exhaust pipes are the most important components of your vehicle's exhaust system. In fact, the catalytic converter and the muffler can be considered as mere modified exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipes are vital in the operation of your vehicle's exhaust system because they act as pathways for the engine's exhaust gases. The exhaust pipes also connect the different components of the exhaust system. Without the exhaust pipes, the exhaust system cannot function effectively.

One of the essential exhaust pipes in your vehicle is the down pipe. The down pipe runs from the engine block to the catalytic converter. This pipe facilitates the downward flow of gases from the exhaust manifold. Exhaust gases ordinarily flow in an upward direction, because their density is lower than that of air. Once these gases are pressurized, the down pipe can easily channel them downwards. However, due to backpressure, a small amount of exhaust gases is always retained at the top of your exhaust system's down pipe. Your stock down pipe may leave your vehicle's engine defenseless against the harmful effects of backpressure. Fortunately, all it takes to protect your engine is a Corsa down pipe.

Backpressure is a particularly serious problem, since it can cause the recirculation of exhaust gases to the combustion chambers. To prevent or at least significantly minimize backpressure, the Corsa down pipe is especially designed so that only a negligible amount of exhaust gases is retained in the pipe's structure. With reduced backpressure, your vehicle's engine does not work double-time because of redistributed exhaust gases. The Corsa down pipe allows an increased and more effective flow of exhaust gases. This ensures that your vehicle's exhaust system works properly. Durability is also guaranteed when you trust the Corsa brand. The Corsa down pipe's stainless steel structure resists corrosion and damage, saving you from the costs of frequent pipe replacements.

Corsa's commitment to providing vehicles with topnotch exhaust systems makes any Corsa product an ideal upgrade for your vehicle. Installation of the Corsa down pipe does not even require welding; you simply have to bolt the pipe into your vehicle's exhaust system. The Corsa down pipe is just one of the many Corsa parts available for your vehicle's exhaust system. Browse our wide selection of exhaust system aftermarket parts at Parts Train.