Cooper Car Parts & Accessories

In the automotive world, not all companies are able to consistently deliver results despite today's ever-changing environment. It's a good thing that Copper is one of the few suppliers that are able to meet customer's demands no matter what the season or the economic condition is. Established in 1960, this company has been a leading global automotive supplier that offers reliable solutions in the body sealing, fuel, brake, and emissions segments of the industry. It also supplies products for automotive thermal management and anti-vibration sectors.

Do you need help in getting a certain engineering challenge solved? Or you want assistance in coming up with systems for future vehicles? No worries, Cooper is here to help meet your demands through integrated solutions, global resources, operational excellence, and expertise of its people. With its technology leadership plus broad product expertise and capabilities, the company is able to find solutions to customer needs. And because of its many years of experience, Cooper is now equipped with the expertise in design, engineering, and manufacturing resources for the major automotive markets. By so doing, it ensures that needs of customers throughout the world are addressed.

The company employs approximately 16,000 people globally, serving in its more than 70 facilities across the globe. Its manpower is composed of experienced management team, expert engineers, manufacturing and professional staff to be able to produce quality automotive products for the vehicle's fluid handling system, body sealing system, and NVH control systems. Cooper boasts its excellence in vehicle sealing as well as NVH control to enhance every customer's driving experience. It is also the world's largest suppliers of valves, as well as line and hose systems for controlling and regulating coolant flow for the automobile's heating, cooling, and a/c systems.

Whether you need thermostats & housing, radiator hoses, coolant system modules, or many other automotive products, Cooper is the brand to trust. And the most reliable supplier of quality products from such company is no other than Parts Train. This site is open to serve you 24/7 so you won't have any problem in acquiring the auto parts or accessories you need no matter what the time zone in your city is.