ContiTech Car Parts & Accessories

ContiTech, a division of Continental AG, believes that rubber is such a fascinating high-tech material with infinite possibilities. That's the reason why it strives hard to satisfy its customers by providing them with automotive solutions made from rubber. This company is actually the world's leading specialist for rubber and plastic technologies in the non-tire rubber sector. It takes pride in always being at home in the growth markets of this world, which makes it competent enough in providing solutions especially for auto manufacturers, vehicle owners, and auto parts suppliers.

ContiTech has long years of experience in automotive engineering and other major industries that make it capable enough in meeting technological challenges with dynamic and fresh solutions. Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie is founded in Hanover in 1871. It started in the production of technical rubber products and launching medical articles. The company's pneumatic tires for bikes and rubber hot water bottles turn out to be classics of their kind. In 1923, Continental crafted endless drive belts for the first time and it was in 1932 when it started to market an array of rubber-to-metal-bonded products under the name Continental Schingmetall. Hence, the basis of engine suspension that dampens noise and vibration actually comes from the parent company of ContiTech.

Continental is also among those that pioneer the use of air suspension in commercial vehicles. In 1961, the company's drive belts are used to drive the cam shaft instead of the traditional chains. It also takes pride in developing heatable hose line module for commercial-vehicle SCR technology. Now, it is Continental AG's division - ContiTech AG - that provides a wide range of auto suppliers with various automotive products such as automatic transmission pump seal, exhaust nut, water pump o-ring, and mass air flow sensor boot. It also offers a wide range of automotive hoses including diesel injector hose, fuel hose, radiator hose, cooling hose, and breather hose.

Moreover, if you need automotive belts like timing belt, power steering belt, supercharger belt, and many others, ContiTech also got you covered! Parts Train is one with this company in its goal of providing you with top-notch automotive solutions that are made from rubber.