Comp Cams Valve Spring Tester & Accessories

You don't have to be a professional mechanic to know that checking your engine's valve pressure should be done regularly. It's important to make sure that the valve pressure is kept at a steady rate to avoid any possible engine problems. Thankfully, there are tools that can help you do that accurately and not just through guesswork, like the valve spring tester. A valve spring tester determines whether the valve spring pressure is right or not. So if you want your engine to perform smoothly and efficiently, you need to use a top-quality product like the Comp Cams valve spring tester to regulate your valve spring pressure.

So what are valve springs exactly, and why do you need to make sure that their pressure level is moderated? Valve springs are key parts of a camshaft engine. They help the valves open and close accurately to let air in and let exhaust emissions out. Thus, it's important to make sure that the valve springs' pressure is neither too tough nor too soft. Otherwise, the air can't get in properly and the exhaust emissions can't get out, too. The result? Poor fuel economy, decrease in power, and even engine damage. Isn't it a good thing that there's a Comp Cams valve spring tester that can help you avoid all of these?

Of course, if any product bears the name Comp Cams, you can be sure that what's inside the package is made from extremely durable materials and is definitely engineered for precision. The Comp Cams valve spring tester is no exception. This tool will determine whether your current valve springs are strong enough or too loose, so you can make the necessary adjustments. What's more, this valve spring tester can handle springs as much as 2-inch in diameter and 4½-inch in length, so you can use it to check other springs, too! Isn't that great?

In your engine, accuracy is everything. A too-loose or too-tight valve spring can ruin what could have been a superb vehicle performance. Fortunately, you can get this valve spring tester right from Parts Train. Simply browse through our online catalog and place an order. Checking your valve pressure is indeed very important, so purchase the Comp Cams valve spring tester from Parts Train now!