Comp Cams Valve Spring Shim & Accessories

Ever thought how the power-making assembly in your auto survives the extreme pressure and continuous pounding of its parts during operation? Well, your engine is equipped with various small but protective hardware, as well as simple components that ensure the proper position and condition of valve train parts. An example of these is the valve spring shim.

A valve spring shim is used to equalize the valve springs' installed height when mounting a new set. That's quite a significant function! So if your stock shims are already failing, unable to perform the heavy-duty functions they're designed for, be sure to get performance replacements like the Comp Cams valve spring shim. It's made from hardened steel of the highest quality to endure all the pressure it constantly encounters throughout the engine's operation.

Now take a pick among the different types of Comp Cams valve spring shims in store for you. Every piece is heat-treated and is available in a 16-piece set. But be sure that you get the right size for your valve spring to guarantee that the shim fits properly. Your choices range from shims with outer diameter of 1.5, 1.25, and 1.64 to those with 1.437 and 1.48 OD; those with inner diameter of 0.814, 0.65, 0.645, 0.635, and 0.765; and those with thickness of 0.015, 0.060, and 0.030 inches. If you want a more complete kit though, you can also get shims with different sizes in a set of 48. This is best for future modifications, as well as maintenance use. And here's another information bit that you'll be glad to know. Installing the Comp Cams valve spring shim is easy, especially if you're a technically skilled person. Otherwise, you can always get the help of your trusted service technician.

Get your valve spring shim replacement now and enjoy its benefits! But don't just settle for any company. Count on a reliable brand—Comp Cams—the leader in valve train technology. And for your Comp Cams valve spring shim, purchase it from an equally dependable online provider of auto parts and accessories—Parts Train. Because when it comes to your vehicle—from its major requirements to its simple needs—we're always at your service.