Comp Cams Valve Spring Set & Accessories

Small car parts and components that usually go unnoticed by automobile owners can spell the difference between great performance and total failure. Parts like the valve springs don't seem to contribute that much in the overall operation of the engine. But in reality, without these springs, you may find that your valve's performance isn't up to par with your expectations. With that being said, if you intend to make the most out of your cam, better get a Comp Cams Valve Spring Set.

This valve spring set contains 16 valve springs made of chrome silicon, which provides high-tensile strength and resistance to premature deterioration. The Comp Cams Valve Spring Set has a distinctive ovate beehive design, which is meant to instantly reduce valvetrain mass and have greater spring pressure. In addition, this valve spring set fits snugly into various valve pockets without needing further machining. Comp Cams' valve springs undergo the company's Super Clean process, which means that only the finest wire material from top steel mills is used for every spring. This guarantees durability and reliability in the face of extreme pressures and conditions each spring is subjected to. The valve springs go through specialized shot-peening and heat-setting processes to extend the springs' service life. Each valve spring is also made according to the exact specifications of the company's engineers for a variety of precise application tolerances.

This quality product is manufactured by the Comp Cams Performance Group, a company renowned for producing superior-quality camshafts, rocker arms, valve springs, and torque converters. Comp Cams uses its 32 years' worth of industry experience and the latest technology to design and manufacture only the best performance valvetrain components fit for road and racetrack use.

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