Comp Cams Valve Spring Seat Cup & Accessories

The Comp Cams valve spring seat cup guarantees optimum performance even under extreme pressure. That's a fact every power-hungry driver should know. So before you wreck your auto's improved valve spring and cylinder head—and render them practically useless—go for this valve spring seat cup to keep these components protected from the extreme pressure that your auto's high-rpm engine brings. It won't only improve your valve train's performance, but also keep your engine safe at all times. Plus, you get to spare yourself from the hassle of replacing the springs or the engine too soon because of premature damage.

This valve spring seat cup from Comp Cams is available by piece and by set, though getting it in a set of 16 is better. After all, who knows when you'd need sudden replacements? Having spare cups also saves your time and effort because you won't have to keep on buying each time you need one or two. On top of that, getting a set will cost you less than when you shop by piece. Just make sure that you get a Comp Cams valve spring seat cup with the right size to complement your valve spring size, and avoid machining and other inconveniences.

You can get a 0.60 thick Comp Cams valve spring seat cup with 0.640 inner diameter (ID) and 1.680-inch outer diameter (OD) if you have valve springs with 1.550-inch OD. In case your auto has springs with 1.650-inch OD, you should find a seat cup 0.60 thick and with 0.640 ID and 1.740-inch OD. If you have 1.475 OD springs, on the other hand, you can get 0.60 thick seat cups with 0.640 ID and 1.580-inch OD. All of these are made from thin and hardened alloy steel, so you can expect extra cup strength, perfect for holding valve springs in place and keeping the cylinder head safe from all that tremendous pressure expected from every high-rpm vehicle.

Equip your ride with a Comp Cams valve spring seat cup even before you start thinking about modifying your engine. At Parts Train, we have you covered with our complete selections of durable valve spring seat cups from Comp Cams. Just pick your choice, and we guarantee you—our product offering is the finest.