Comp Cams Valve Spring Locator & Accessories

The performance of your auto's valve train mirrors your vehicle's overall efficiency. This is why boosting your auto's performance often requires rebuilding or engine modification by an auto mechanic. You can also do the rebuilding on your own. Just make sure that you have all the necessary tools and parts. What you will mostly need are tools for adjusting valves and springs to achieve the performance that you want. To hold the valve springs in place, you will need the valve spring locator. You must have a durable locator to get the job done properly; you will need the Comp Cams valve spring locator.

The Comp Cams valve spring locator is just the perfect partner for your high-performance engine. It is made from thin and hardened alloy steel that makes it strong enough to secure valve springs in place. This valve spring locator also protects cylinder heads from all the beatings that they receive during engine operation, especially in engines with very high rpms and those for racing applications. Made to fit the exact specification and configuration of your auto make and model, this Comp Cams product has the perfect size. Its thickness, as well as its inner and outer diameters, is just right.

Installing the Comp Cams valve spring locator is easy. It is placed under the valve springs and serves as their seat, absorbing extreme pressures that the springs and cylinder heads encounter while the engine valves operate. Once properly mounted, the spring locator becomes an additional hold to the valves, ensuring that no matter how much vibration is created and no matter how many rpm your engine boasts of, the valves will never misalign from the rest of the assembly.

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