Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit & Accessories

It's never a good thing when you start to hear those grinding sounds from your engine. These noises may come from hammer-like blows that are generated from the friction between the valves, the liters, and the cams. When you've confirmed that this is the problem, you should get a new valve spring to allow seamless valve train operation. But that's just the first step in solving the problem. To get superior performance from the valve spring, it must be equipped with all the right subcomponents. Buying them individually can cost you a lot of hard-earned bucks. You also have to worry about matching specifications for every part. Luckily for you, these tasks will no longer be necessary because all the components you need are in the Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit.

The Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit includes a dual spring, valve seals, titanium retainers, and spring seats. All these components are made from high-grade materials, so you can be sure of excellent quality and reliability. These parts are also precision-machined and heat-treated to ensure superior durability. In addition to that, this kit is made to handle up to 0.650 lift even in the most extreme performance applications. This sturdy construction is ideal for engines that are tuned for speed and power. So if your engine is made for the track or the street, you're in for a treat.

With all its functions, you know you can't go wrong with the Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit. After all, the brand itself has great reputation in the automotive market. The brand's excellence is built on a 32-year-old legacy of manufacturing high-grade engine parts and valve train components. Every Comp Cams product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that they satisfy the highest performance standards of the industry.

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