Comp Cams Valve Spring Height Micrometer & Accessories

Jump right into a new, high-end performance with your auto's improved valve spring. Just make sure you get only the one with the right installed height so that the cylinder head can accommodate it. Otherwise, camshaft or spring failure may occur. So get a reliable and durable valve spring height micrometer for your car's valve train. And for this, trust only the brand known for its high-performance engine parts—Comp Cams. The Comp Cams valve spring height micrometer is just the perfect modification device for your engine. You can trust this valve spring height micrometer to perform well as Comp Cams has been successfully introducing innovations in rebuilding engines and their supporting systems.

The Comp Cams valve spring height micrometer comes in two types and configurations, according to the height ranges it can measure: one for 1.6-inch to 2.2-inch range and another for 1.4-inch to 1.8-inch range. You can easily choose the right one, and you'll have no problem because both are computer numerical control (CNC)-machined. Besides being made from tough and clean materials, each micrometer comes with the manufacturer's limited warranty.

You can install the Comp Cams valve spring height micrometer just like how you install a normal valve spring. Just expand the height micrometer to its full height until the valve, locks, and retainer are properly seated. Afterwards, the device can now measure the valve spring height with accuracy of up to .001. And once you get the right measurement, you will be able to find springs with the right coil bind clearance and pressure, thereby enhancing and modifying the settings of your auto's valve train. Plus, you can prevent the damage that incorrect springs may cause. You will also be able to fine-tune your engine just the way you want it to perform.

More importantly, we offer the Comp Cams valve spring height micrometer at Parts Train along with other Comp Cams products that can bring out the best performance in your vehicle's engine. Simply browse our catalog and add the product to your cart. Rest assured that it will arrive at your doorsteps in no time.