Comp Cams Valve Covers & Accessories

Modifying your vehicle's valve train is best done with unique Comp Cams valve covers. These aluminum valve covers will give not only a new look for your valve train, but also the sealing durability—something crucially needed by your auto's performance parts. Can you imagine your vehicle's valve train left open to all the harmful elements like sludge, metal chips, dirt, and moisture? With all these, you cannot expect your system to operate efficiently or even properly. The best thing to do is to provide appropriate sealing and covering parts like the Comp Cams valve cover.

Comp Cams valve covers are made from sand-cast aluminum, thick enough for welding of any breather system, for superior sealing of gasket, and for guaranteed endurance against warping. The surface of the cover where it is to mate with the head is machined flat to accommodate any aftermarket head. Unlike other valve covers, it is constructed as a spray bar cover where a manifold of aluminum tubing is ready and with oiling orifices for the valve springs. This configuration provides cooling oil sprayed directly into the springs to ensure their longer life. The cover is also equipped with threaded plugs to provide access during cleanout, as well as a resistor cover to limit oil volume.

Each of the bolt bosses in the Comp Cams valve covers is raised to the top of the cover to ensure that unwanted forces will not be transferred to the valves but redirected equally to the gasket surface, a configuration that is so far the safest for the valves and the entire system. The gaskets, on the other hand, are guaranteed firm in place by the sides and rails. Most packs include a complete set of hardware like gaskets, studs, and nuts for easier installation.

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