Comp Cams Top Dead Center Stop Tool & Accessories

Want to know how the Comp Cams top dead center stop tool can improve your vehicle's performance? Simple answer: it stops your auto's pistons and finds the top dead center (TDC), which is the highest point in the piston travel. It is where it momentarily pauses to allow the connecting rod pivot when its main direction is pointed to the cylinder head. Why is this important, you ask? With the top dead center determined, you can fine-tune the engine valves easily, set the ignition timing accurately, and angle your vehicle's cam efficiently. These are, of course, very important when modifying your engine to ensure a boost in its performance.

Earlier top dead center stop tools were designed with a simple bolt-on style. To make finding the TDC easy, the Comp Cams top dead center stop tool has a deck plate style, and is equipped with a head that has two labeling wings. This new set of tools helps finding and labeling the piston's top dead center faster and easier! Now all you need is to take the cylinder heads off and bolt the tool across the cylinder bore. For old school folks, though, you can still find ones that have no head or lever yet. These are used by simply threading them in the spark plug hole. So, whichever tool you are most comfortable with, Comp Cams has one for you!

To make fine-tuning your engine fun and easy-breezy, getting the Comp Cams top dead center stop tool is highly recommended. No need to waste time and effort when you can do it more easily and more efficiently. With this tool, you can make the necessary adjustments in your vehicle's valve train and ignition system, ensuring that your auto is always in top working condition. And whatever auto make or model you are driving, this tool is the best for you.

At Parts Train, you can find the Comp Cams top dead center stop tool from our online catalog. Just check our product listing and choose from either the heads-on (bolt on) or the heads-off (deck plate) type. As soon as you find the right one, post your order and we will ship the product immediately. Make sure that you go for nothing but only the best the auto parts industry can offer—include this in your tool box now!