Comp Cams Top Dead Center Locator & Accessories

Ever wondered what the top dead center is? For the engine, it's the position of the piston when it's at the top of the stroke. Why is it important to a car owner? The pistons push fuel inside the valve train, and a misalignment in one piston can compromise ignition timing and engine compression. To make sure your pistons are well-aligned, you'll need a Comp Cams Top Dead Center Locator.

This tool is quite easy to use: all you have to do is attach it to the cylinder head, and then it'll produce a positive stop for the piston. From there, you can easily make numerous adjustments for superior engine performance like cam indexing, valve adjustment, and distributor installation. In terms of engine fit, you have nothing to worry about since this top dead center locator has a 14-mm. size that fits most engine cylinder heads. The Comp Cams Top Dead Center Locator is made from premium-grade materials. It is outfitted in a zinc dichromate finish for maximum durability and added resistance to rust and corrosion. All in all, its features make it perfect for engine enthusiasts who want more speed and power.

When it comes to high-quality performance parts, the Comp Cams Performance Group is one of the top names in the industry. This brand has been manufacturing engine parts and valve train components for 32 years and counting. Unlike other brands, Comp Cams makes sure its products meet and exceed the highest standards of performance. That's why it's a brand that's often associated with NASCAR racers and engine builders. The Comp Cams Top Dead Center Locator is a testament to this high standard of excellence. It doesn't matter if your engine is made for the street or for the track; you can always count on Comp Cams products to provide you the results that you're looking for.

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