Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit & Accessories

Valve rattling and power loss are two things you wish you wouldn't have to deal with when it comes to your vehicle's timing chain. The timing chain is, after all, responsible for opening and closing your valves at the right time, making it a key piece of your engine's operations. But despite its crucial role in running your engine, you don't have to spend a lot to get a decent replacement when it starts to falter. All you need is a Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit to get that flawless engine operation your vehicle probably hasn't had in years.

The Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit includes a hardened billet steel crank gear, a cast iron cam gear, and a timing chain. Sprocket and chain specifications, however, vary depending on the kit type. You may get a 9 keyway crank sprocket with an 8-degree maximum advance/retard, though most of kits have three-way crank sprockets with a 4-degree incremental adjustability and maximum advance/retard. When it comes to chains, this kit may feature a belt link type or a double-roller type chain with a long-lasting large pin design. All chains are pre-stretched and heat-treated to withstand the demands of daily driving. Without a doubt, this timing chain kit is the hands-down choice for your vehicle—not to mention that it exceeds industry standards.

To install the Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit, the first thing you should do is to set the engine to top dead center position. Loosen the rocker arms so that the camshaft can rotate effortlessly. Then, after removing the cover and the old chain and sprockets, clean the engine block to increase the timing chain kit's overall efficiency. After the cleanup, loop the timing chain around the crank and cam gears; make sure their timing marks are aligned. Holding all three pieces, set them at their places at the crankshaft's and camshaft's ends. Insert the adjustable timing bushing before putting back all the other components.

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