Comp Cams Timing Chain & Accessories

Timing chain problems? Not again! Now that your auto's chain is becoming more of a pain in the neck, you really have to get an upgrade or a replacement at the very least. And for a reliable and durable one, you can trust only a Comp Cams timing chain. This heavy-duty chain will keep you from getting a replacement every so often because it is manufactured to last the life of your automobile, though its overall function and service life are still affected by your driving habits. Maintenance is the key to a well-functioning performance part in every automobile like yours.

Every engine is equipped with either a timing belt or chain to ensure that the camshaft will turn in half the pace of the crankshaft, perfectly timing the closing and opening of the valves during combustion. The precision-machined Comp Cams timing chain is ideal for this task. It is even improved with the inclusion of a gear crafted from cast iron and a crank sprocket constructed from an induction-hardened billet steel. The sprocket is a three-keyway type that boasts of 4-degree incremental advance or retard adjustability. The double roller chain is pre-stretched and heat-treated, including a heavy-duty pin large enough to complement the entire operation and functions of the chain.

The Comp Cams timing chain is so far one of the most dynamically balanced and runout-tolerant chains for automobiles. This is why it is the most sought-after product when upgrading for either street performance or race application. It works well with various auto makes and models, though you still have to check on your auto's specs to ensure its compatibility. And to guarantee proper pressure and belt tightness, you can get a timing chain tensioner.

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