Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit & Accessories

Having a high-performance engine can have some drawbacks. Some of its parts may not keep up with all the extreme movements within its lobes and lifters. As a remedy, valve lifters are equipped with rollers to serve as cushion against the camshaft. So now that you know that you need a roller lifter, you still need to know how to install it. You see, if you fail to install the lifters properly, they could easily break down with all the intense friction. To do this, you can always ask the help of an auto mechanic. But if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can still perform a successful installation. All you need is a Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit.

The Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit comes with all the needed hardware for a fast and easy installation of your hydraulic lifters. This kit includes camshaft bolts, lifter guides, a lifter and a cam retainer, and bolts. Not only that, to make things even easier for you, this kit comes with detailed instruction to guide you through the whole process.

Comp Cams is known in the automotive market as the absolute leader when it comes to valve train performance. Its three decades of experience is a firm testament that its products are the real deal. All its products, including the Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit, undergo rigorous quality tests so they can work best with various engine types. Whether you're looking for an enhancement part for your performance vehicle or even an installation kit for your roller lifters, you can never go wrong if you have Comp Cams products at your disposal.

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