Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Girdle Nut & Accessories

Have you mounted a rocker arm stud girdle in your auto to tie down all the studs for maximum strength? That's great! Have you also added new girdle nuts? Despite a high-quality girdle, your upgrade will be futile without extra-strength girdle nuts to complement it. The girdle will hold all the studs together, but there will be no improvement without efficient nuts to properly lock it. So if you've just added a girdle, you must also install a set of rocker arm girdle nut. Most Comp Cams girdles already come with their own set of girdle nuts, but you can also find individual Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle nut in case you need a replacement.

Each Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle nut works best with a rocker arm girdle from Comp Cams, though it also works well with parts from other brands and with stock components. It is available in a set of 16, or even by piece, which is perfect for studs with size ranging from 0.375 to 0.4375. Each is precision-ground for minimum runout, thereby ensuring a longer service life. It also features a tapered configuration for a stronger hold on the girdle. And to best satisfy your needs, you are protected with the manufacturer's limited warranty in every pack you get, be it by piece or by set.

The Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle nut will not directly increase the performance of your automobile. However, it will keep the girdle locked to enable it to withstand the heavy weights coming from the different parts of your auto rockers, ensuring protection against damage. Make sure that this small part is also properly maintained; always check it when you do regular maintenance inspection. When you find the need to replace one of the nuts, don't hesitate to do so.

It's wise to keep an extra Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle nut in your toolbox along with your other tools and auto parts kits. Who knows when you will need it? At Parts Train, we have a complete line of auto parts, accessories, and tools for all makes and models to satisfy your needs. This nut is just one of the many in our stock, so why try offers and deals from other online providers? Try us!