Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Cutting Tool & Accessories

You can't let other drivers leave you behind when you just have the same vehicle model, and especially if yours is supposed to be far better than theirs. How? Modify your auto's performance parts. The first you have to look into is the valve train, where all working and performance parts are grouped together to provide your vehicle with the power it needs. Among the valve train components, you have to focus on the rockers and their parts. Why don't you start converting your stock press-in studs into screw-in rocker arm studs? All you need to do is to cut or machine the cylinder head with a Comp Cams rocker arm stud cutting tool.

Machining your auto's cylinder head must be done precisely, and only a rocker arm stud cutting tool can do that. And for a more reliable and longer service life, you should have one with a carbide bit and arbor pilot like the Comp Cams rocker arm stud cutting tool. This cutting tool can efficiently do the task no matter what model or make the auto is because it is designed as a universal cutter. Also, you get the manufacturer's limited warranty for every pack of this heavy-duty tool, protecting you against substandard products as well as imitations.

Convinced? If you're having second thoughts about getting it, imagine the stress and pressure the stud encounters during acceleration. In extreme rpms or spring pressures, a press-in stud can easily pull out and cause problems. The best solution is to upgrade to a screw-in stud, and the Comp Cams rocker arm stud cutting tool is the best partner for that. It is always a good idea to have the important tools not only for maintenance and emergency, but also for upgrades. This investment is smaller compared to what you will need to shell out for a mechanic to perform specific tasks occasionally.

Don't wait too long to perform the needed modification in your auto; enjoy an efficient boost in performance now. Get the Comp Cams rocker arm stud cutting tool from our complete line of auto parts, accessories, and tools only from Parts Train.