Comp Cams Rocker Arm Shaft & Accessories

Shaft systems for rocker arms are all about stability. Putting your performance roller arms on a sturdy shaft allows your rocker arms to function smoothly at all times. If you're looking for a high-quality shaft for your rocker arm system, go for the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Shaft. With this, you can get an improved performance out of your rocker system and a more stable valvetrain without straining your wallet.

The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Shaft is designed such that you can get more power from your vehicle's engine. Your valvetrain and cylinder heads will have stability like never before because the rocker arms are all mounted on a single sturdy shaft placed over your engine valves. Each shaft is made from hardened steel to ensure better durability and longer service life compared to factory shafts. Moreover, Comp Cams' rocker arm shafts have an oiling system designed to constantly provide your engine's shaft bearings and roller tip. Comp Cams also has rocker arm shafts with wider rocker arm bodies as well as shaft end strands designed specifically for high-rpm use, ensuring stability even at very high operating speeds on the most aggressive camshaft builds.

With Comp Cams, you can rest assured that you will get a reliable rocker arm shaft. With more than 32 years in the automotive aftermarket industry, the company uses this experience along with the latest technology for the design, engineering, and manufacture of its products to become the leading manufacturer of camshafts, lifters, rocker arms, timing sets, valve springs, cylinder heads, fuel injection parts, and torque converters. Each Comp Cams product undergoes strict durability, quality, and performance tests to assure customers that they are getting nothing but the best when it comes to valvetrain components.

So what are you waiting for? Smooth rocker arm operation, valvetrain stability, and improved engine performance are all within your grasp. You can get a Comp Cams Rocker Arm Shaft right here at Parts Train. We offer affordable parts and accessories, along with an easy-to-use catalog and a live help service to make your shopping easier and faster. Order your rocker arm shaft today and enjoy great value for a great product.